“It’s a gettin’ closer!” – Less Than 20 Days!

Dinner Buffet Menu Recently Finalized!

Grilled Salmon, Chef Carved Prime Rib, Grilled chicken with sauce.
Roasted red potatoes and Steamed Fresh California Vegetables.
Tossed salad, rolls, coffee tea or milk, as well as a chef’s choice dessert.
Registration and social hour begins at 5:30 PM.
Buffet will be available from 7:00 PM – 8:00PM.
Each classmate will receive 2 drink tickets. They may be used for soda, beer, house mixed drinks or house wine.  
We will have a bar with bartender available in the Westlake Room.
After the buffet, a coffee bar and water station will be available.
Next Meeting is at Roots on Wednesday, Sept. 17th at 11:30 a.m.

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Latest Update

Be sure to watch the new sheepshead video from Peter Geittmann. It’s on the VIDEOS page.

We’d love to hear stories or memories from more of our classmates. Use the CONTACT US page to let us know if you could share something with us.

The next meeting is at Roots, August 6th at 11 am.

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Who’d of Thunk We’d Be Around 50 Years Later???

OHS1964 Homecoming 50th Reunion

Update from April 16, 2014 Committee Meeting

  • All members in attendance are aware of the response to our email as well as our snail mailing.

  • Out of 127 send only 8 actual returns of the form sent by snail mail have been received.

  • Only 3 telephone responses have been received.

  • A very rough estimate is that we have approximately150 out of 250 possible (288 on commencement program minus about 40 deceased) with some form of contact.

  • Many of these classmates will not respond.

  • We will have the invitation go out before our next meeting in May.

  • We will also review all of the contacts that have been made to get a guesstimate on those indicating they would like to attend.

  • Since the list of classmates we have not heard from is quite large we will not be able to have the school or any churches or the newspaper help with finding them.

  • We will put together the entire list of those classmates that have not responded and distribute to all committee members as well as on the website to try to get more contact information.

  • Very last date for commitment with money paid for attending the reunion will be August 30, 2014.

  • Kettle Moraine Golf course has been suggested for the Saturday outing. Again money will have to be paid up front to reserve actual tee times to keep our group together.  A response and confirmation will have to be received at least 3 weeks prior to the outing.

  • We are still researching having Alumni sweatshirts or hoodies available.

  • We will also have more information on the brunch on Sunday at Burke’s Lakeside at our next meeting. 

  • The committee did approve of the center pieces for each table.  They will be the pictures of all classmates in alpha order from the year book to be put on poster type paper wrapped around a glass chimney with a candle inside. 

  • We will also have a memorial wall or display of our deceased classmates.

  • We will have photographers available to do a group picture.

  • Our next meeting will be May 21, 2014 at Roots in Oconomowoc.

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  1. Have not made a single reunion, moved around a bit. Came back to home-town for a while but didn’t like the winters and over regulation. Been living in northern Arkansas since 1983 and loving it so much that it’s hard to get away. Love this website . So many memories. A heart-felt hello to ya’ll. I will keep this all in mind.

    • Gary,
      I think October would be a good time for a Wisconsin trip! Hope we see you there. If you can send a picture and bio we’ll get you on the Then & Now page.

  2. When I first received the snail mail description of the reunion, I replied, giving my email address. I never got any updates. Maybe that is why you have not had a good general response to the reunion.

  3. Can you please send me our reunion details to 1154 County Highway 11, Laurens, NY. 13796. Thank you

  4. I have just heard from Tammie Griffith and will plan to attend the reunion dinner. She sent me the flyer by email so I don’t need additional info at this time. I will contact Elaine Majeski Bowers to see if she can attend also. Thanks for your efforts in getting folks together from the class of ’64!

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March Update



DATES: Friday, October 3rd, 2014 thru Sunday, October 5th, 2014              

  • Sending out of the invitation has been pushed back from April to May 2014.

  • The 2nd page of the invitation had a couple of changes but is currently more than one page and we will try to take out things to keep it to a one page limit.

  • Sunday brunch is being planned.  Burke’s Lakeside in Oconomowoc (Old Chucks Supper Club) will be checked out for availability and prices.

  • We have tentatively planned to use Fowler Park as a staging area for people to gather to attend the parade which starts at 5:15 PM. Parking will be an issue for the parade and the game.

  • DVD’s of website material are again going to be available to all even those without a computer etc.  More information will be available closer to the reunion date.

  • The printed Memory Book has been tabled for now.

  • We will be acknowledging those with Military Service.  However, we can only recognize these people if we know who you are so PLEASE remember to forward that information to us.

  • We will work on making a Memorial Wall to honor our deceased classmates.

  • We are looking for a VOLUNTEER to emcee.  It would entail a few words of wisdom at the football game as well as at the banquet.

  • Alumni hoodies or sweatshirts are available on line from Oconomowoc Alumni Site and we are hoping to pick a particular logo and have each of the committee members purchase one if they so desire.  More information will follow.

  • All snail mail information was sent by Monday, 3/10/14.

  • Any classmate that is in phone contact with another classmate please forward an email (preferably) or any contact information to us if you know they are not hearing from us.  Several members of the committee have tried to track down classmates and it is very difficult and time consuming.  PLEASE HELP!!

  • Please remember to send in a bio (with or without a picture) to Dave Linscott or Craig Olson to let us know what has happened in the last 50 years.  At least an update in the last 5 years!!

  • The song “When I’m 64” by the Beatles will not be played at the game.  

The next committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 16th at 1PM at Roots in Oconomowoc.

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February Update



Save the Date:  October 3rd, 4th and 5th 2014.

 Have you been checking out the website frequently??  http://ohs1964.com

Be watching for new things that may lead to treasures!!

WE NEED YOUR BIOS!! Please send them to Dave Linscott.  If you can’t find a picture just do the bio.  Even if you do not plan to attend let us know what you have been doing for the past 50 years, where you are and how you are.  Bios can be updated and pictures added at any time.

  • The main focus of the meeting was on the invitation.

  • We are hoping to have them sent via e-mail or snail mail in April.

  • It will be in two parts.  The invitation itself will have only the basic information as to the events, time, and $$ amount.

  • The RSVP to include your check will be attached.

  • It was decided that there will not be any online options for payment of the event fee.

  • Check or money order only sent to Ann Eddy-Zimmerman.

  • There will also be a second part explaining what the price includes, more specific place and time details and what you can expect to happen at the banquet.

  • We ask that all classmates confirm your attendance and send in the fee as soon as possible to help us plan the menu.

  • We have a time line established that will help keep the focus on our projects.

  • Several people are working on finding classmates.  All changes or new information will be added to our on line spreadsheet.  Anyone with information should please contact any committee member.

  • There is not a limit as to how many cars can participate in the parade. However, we do need to know who would like to participate and one entry will be made by the committee.

  • We will be notifying many of the churches, the school and placing an ad in the local paper asking for help in getting the word out for this Reunion and finding all our classmates.

  • The song “When I’m 64” by the Beatles has been requested to be played at the game.  We are working with the Football game announcer to give us a Shout Out as well as play the song.

  • We are hoping to be able to bring you a slide show, at the banquet, of all the goodies we are collecting between now and then.

  • Please send any ideas or suggestions that you have to the committee.  A table will be provided to accommodate memorabilia at the dinner.

  • A printed Memory Booklet as well as DVD’s will be available.  Only the original school picture will be used for the booklet.

  • Name tags will be worked on as we get closer to the date of the reunion.

  • Committee members that are using Classmates.com have found out we cannot link to our web site in the Classmates.com reunion announcement or in messages sent to classmates.

 The Committees next meeting is set for March 9th so please keep in touch!!

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January Update



  • The Reunion has been set to kick off on Friday, October 3rd, 2014 with a Homecoming parade which will start at 5:15 PM.  The Corvette Club has been asked to participate in the parade as well as anyone else interested in participating by entering your own vintage or classic car.

  • Following the parade we will assemble to attend the Homecoming Football game that will start at 7:15 PM..  We cannot reserve seats but will assemble and go into the bleachers so we are able to sit together.

  • Our Friday night meal is on our own at our own expense.  Convenient places to go will be provided.

  • Golf will be part of the Saturday, October 4th, 2014 agenda.  Time, place and cost will be announced in a later update.  In addition to 9 or 18 holes, miniature golf may be available.

  • Main Event/Banquet has been confirmed at Olympia Resort and Spa in Oconomowoc.  The Westlake Room is available from 4 PM to 12PM.  Food selection will be announced in a later update.

  • Rooms are available at this location.  Other accommodations will also be provided also.

  • Hopefully we can keep the price down with an excellent turn out!!  Cost appears to be in the $70 per person range at this time.

  • Bonnie Jaeger-VonRueden has offered to provide a Jukebox for music.

  • Dave Linscott has many, many discs with songs from the 60’s.

  • Feel free to use the website http://ohs1964.com to make your personal favorite request.

We have been notified of two classmates that have passed away in the last three months.

James L. Michalsky on November 14th, 2013.

Barb Mack-Lenz in January 2014.

Please visit the website http://ohs1964.com often!!

We would appreciate any and all help you can give us with locating classmates.  Please contact any close acquaintance or friends that you know to obtain e mail addresses.  This is a great way to cut some our expenses for mailing.

Our next meeting will be 2-16-14.  Please check back for more information.

Reunion Committee

One thought on “January Update

  1. Bob – I guess my brain cell was not at 100% when I put the banner together. I missed one group of 5 pictures. You are now officially back in the class! Sorry for the error!

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December Update


The 50 year reunion of the Oconomowoc High School class of ’64 is in the early planning stages.  We will keep this site updated with the latest news.


December 1st Meeting Update

We had a good meeting on December 1st.  Carol Mainz-Allison has joined the committee. The big questions right now are which facility to use for our banquet and how to collect for the down payment.  The places under consideration now are Delafield Brew Haus, Country Springs Hotel, Oconomowoc Community Center, Ixonia Fireman’s Park.

We will do our own picture name badges.  We are making a list of the returned snail mail envelopes so we can send these out to classmates and see if anyone knows their whereabouts.  Jan Bennett Parkinson and Judy Humphrey Podolske will then use their detective skills to locate as many of the remaining “lost” classmates as they can.

Next meeting is January 26th.



One thought on “December Update

  1. Doesn’t seem that long ago, does it? I noticed, in looking at the pictures that mine wasn’t there. Was it too ugly to display or what? I know I wasn’t the most popular student of the class but I don’t think it merits loosing my picture. I believe I did graduate with the class of ’64. Maybe not, but I will be there at the reunion, regardless.

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November Update

The next meeting is Sunday, December 1st, at Burke’s Lakeside, 11AM.  We hope to have an idea of the headcount by then as we would like to make reservations soon.  If you haven’t been receiving snail mail or emails from Bonnie, please get in touch with us using the “Contact Us” page so we can get you on the mailing list.


It is time to do the 50th reunion update letter to everyone – including the “Snail Mail” classmates!!  The meeting was the same time of year that our reunion will take place in 2014.  The weather was beautiful, sunny with beautiful fall colors.  Of course it was beautiful to us from Wisconsin at upper 60’s low 70’s but for the south & west classmates it would be COLD and sweater weather.

Write down these dates:  Friday, Oct. 3rd, Saturday, Oct. 4th and Sunday, October 5th, 2014

Friday, Oct. 3rd  OHS Homecoming 2014 and 50th Class Reunion.   Homecoming Parade – then Wisconsin Traditional Fish Fry place of your choice.  We will have a list of places and menus and prices for you to chose from – then football game if you choose and for others a place to sit and talk with music for those that want to dance at Burke’s Lakeside.  Maren Jensen Carlson is taking all entries for the parade.  We know there are classmates with collector cars that would like to enter them in the homecoming parade.  Maren’s phone number is: 262-xxx-xxxx. Please go to the website and view the parades we had in the 60’s!! We built some awesome floats!!  Some even had moving parts!!

Saturday, Oct. 4th is golf in the morning (weather permitting) for those that golf.  Arranged by Phil Zweig, Kathy Lane Phillips, & Dan Raasch and Sat. afternoon you are free to do whatever or get together somewhere and at 5 pm it is gather for dinner and reminiscing and 60’s music on the jukebox!!  David Linscott has been getting cd’s ready with all our favorite high school hits.

Sunday, Oct. 5th will be the brunch and good-bye “Till We Meet Again” party!  Place to be decided.

I have read all the notes and E-mails from the classmates and we have been working on places and food. Here in a nutshell is what we have found out.  We need to know how many are coming to the reunion, we need to know what kind of reunion you want which means expensive or non-expensive.  We can get a sit down dinner with 3 choices of meat which is the high price or we can get buffet style with 3 meat choices which would be medium priced or buffet style with 2 meat choices which would be less expensive.   So we can NOT make those decisions until you let us know what you want and how many of you are coming.  We don’t want to pay for a large place when all we need is a large room NOT a banquet hall.  Places in the running are Country Springs (hotel & banquet in same building), Western Lakes (old Tumblebrook) golf here and banquet here.  Delafield Brew Haus banquet hall.  Hotel across the street.

We  also want to know with your reply, if you were in the service and what branch of the service you were in.  To let us know if you are coming, you can return an E-mail to me or go to www.OHS1964.com  This website is very important to update with your “This is My Life” paragraph which will be turned into the booklet for everyone at the banquet.  I will start sending to David the paragraphs that I received for  45th reunion and it is up to each of you to update that paragraph.

We talked about inviting the teachers for our class and those still living in Oconomowoc are:  Carl Duch, Charles Hocking, Dave Reul, Joe St.Thomas, Dennis Zastrow other teachers we don’t know about are Kay Carter, & Bill Elstrand. For the 45th we had Lyman Humphrey attend and he remembered a lot of classmates by name!!  Not just the trouble makers and not just the “A” students he remembered all.  He was thrilled with the students that came to say hello to him and to thank him for their great education!

We have 26 deceased classmates.  That leaves 268 to come to the reunion plus spouses would be 538.  I know there are several of you who have lost a spouse and I am sorry for your loss.  If you come alone this will decrease the number of 538. In my sister’s 55th reunion, a classmate would come with one of their children as a guest so we would be back up to 538.  Much bigger room needed than for 268.

Now you can all understand how very important it is to find out how many will be coming.  We will have to reserve the place ASAP.  I need a head count by Sunday, Dec. 1st our next Committee Planning Meeting at Burke’s Lakeside.

To give a rough estimate it will be between $65 & $85 per couple.  This price depends on whether we chip in for the dinners of teachers attending or whether we ask for volunteer donations to pay for guest dinners.  We will also ask for a donated dinner for a classmate that can not afford the dinner.  Names will be kept anonymous.  There will be separate charges for the booklet and the photo c.d.  Optional to buy for you to print whichever photos you want or just keep the cd for viewing.

Here is one more thing for you to help us with.  We can’t find some of our classmates.  Before we have to spend money to find them, could you help us??  We are looking for Bonnie Amborn, Della Finkenbinder (Mrs.Ron Wheeler), Gordon Fleury, Jim Hockenberger, Mike Hughes, Paul Jensen, Paul Jones, Gary Lukowicz, Faith Marschner, Sandra Ruder, Dale Schuett, Diane Schultz, Peter Schulze, Bob Shotola, Larry Sjoberg, Ralph Stubbe, Henry Testin, Jerry Westphal, James Wittnebel.

We will send a letter to all churches in Oconomowoc hopefully their families are still in the area.  We will also put an ad in the paper a couple months before the reunion. The committee will divide the names we can’t find and use Facebook, or Twitter or white pages to try and find them.

Craig Olson is a member of Classmates just in case anyone goes there to find out if we are having a 50th reunion.  The high school is also aware of our 50th Reunion dates.

The answer to Ron Maas question about our school song.  The tune was When Those Cassons Go Rolling Along and the words from Barb Holland were Let Us Cheer Cooney High, Hail Our Colors as They Fly.

Be sure to look at www.ohs1964.com website!!  Check it often.. new pictures and news are always being added.   Several sections are in place.  A photo gallery to see pictures past and present.  “Who’s coming?” will show you who is coming to the reunion so far!!  As you can see that is also a great place to put a recent/current picture and a brief bio of what you’ve been up to since 1964.  The Video and Oldies sections are self-explanatory…important to note, if you choose an oldie song, it will play right from your browser!

Please E-mail pictures and bio’s to Craig Olson  or to Dave Linscott at  or to Bonnie.   Or, if you need to mail your info send to Craig Olson.  If you need email or snail mail address use the “Contact Us” page to get that information.

Your committee members are:  Long Distance:  David Linscott (website designer) North Carolina;  Phil Zweig – Tennessee; Craig Olson – Texas;  Jan  Bennett Parkensen – California;  Local committee:  Maren Jensen Carlson; Judy Humphrey Podolski; Barb Holland Loppnow, Kathy Lane Phillips, Kathy Duchow Schroeder, Bonnie Jaeger Von Rueden and Ann Eddy Zimmerman.  Also attending 1 meeting were Larry Raether, Bill Daley and Ellen Heitka Allison from Georgia.

This is your update as of Nov.12, 2013.   Please help us out by returning the info we ask for so we don’t have to hire a company to find you.

Thank you in advance for your prompt return of information!!


11 thoughts on “November Update

  1. I am overwhelmed to say the least–looking forward in seeing EVERYONE–we DID have a fabulous class!! See you in October!

  2. Planning to come to reunion with husband Leroy and bring Barb Tiedeman Kloth and her husband and my brother Al. We are still living in Dane county, Oregon, Wi. Have been retired for a while because of disability. Have raised 3 great kids and have one 15 year old granddaughter. Have done some traveling and now enjoying each new day! I know that Mike Hughes mothers name is Ruth and she lives in Va. some where. Hope to see a lot of classmates in Oct.

  3. I have been living in Milwaukee for 49 years, I have bachelor and masters degree from UWM and have been teaching for 40 years. I still substitute part time. My kids are 25 and 28 and I have the most beautiful grandson in world-in Tokyo! I have been a widow for 5.5 years. I am looking forward to the reunion.

  4. Diego (Dave) and I are retired and just keep busy. Although I live in Illinois, our cabin offers me an escape to lovely Wisconsin. I wish I could be there to help make the reunion a big success that I know it will be. Thank you for keeping me in touch. Sincerely, Joan Schultz Vick

  5. Hi, After school I traveled a lot, The last 25 years have found me in central america, More specifically Nicaragua.
    I am by profession a Regestered Investment Advisor.
    I live on a small farm in the Driftless region of sw wi.
    Feel free to say hello. I get back there quit a bit as I still have clients in se wi. Looking back, Growing up on Chestnnut St. Hmm, Oconomowoc It’s a pretty cool place
    don’t you think?………..steve11

  6. I stayed out of school for a year, then I went to Oshkosh, graduated in 1969, the same year I married Mary, my wife of 44 years. I got a Masters in Vocational Rehabilitation from UW-Milwaukee in 1971. I retired in 2002 from the State of Wisconsin after over 30 years of employment. We have two children and four grandchildren. I have been playing baseball in the MSBL since 2008.
    I enjoy golfing and working around the house. Mary and I plan on traveling to visit our grandchildren as we have two in Omaha, Nebraska and two in Beaumont, Texas.
    I look forward to the reunion.

  7. After Cooney, went to Whitewater for a year. College and I were not on the same schedule. Joined the Navy saw the world and returned to college to graduate from UWM. Sent 30 years in the Automotive supply industry in Human Resources before retiring. Presently living in sunny Florida and loving it. No snow!

  8. This is a great feature of the website. We don’t have to pay a fee to get a classmates E-mail address. This will enable us to make plans to meet with those certain friends for and during the class reunion. The booklet will also contain all names and E-mail addresses but this preview BEFORE the reunion will enable us to contact and plan!! Great Idea!!

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Marlene Kosanke

**************************************************************************************************    We have just learned of the passing of another classmate, this from her son:

Marlene Kosanke Huckstorf passed away in 1994 at the age of 49 from a heart attack.  She was a heavy smoker which obviously didn’t help.  After she graduated from high school she married Jeff Huckstorf.  She went on to work at Allen Bradley for a number of years while raising me (I was born in 1971).  Later on she worked at Kohl’s Dept. Store.  Her life was all about German Shepherd dogs.  She always had a least one around the house.  She also collected dog figurines and other memorabilia. She started up her own newsletter called the K-9 Classifieds which reached out to others who had similar interests.  She struck up many friendships across the United States based on this newsletter.  That indirectly led me to start writing and self-publishing.  She led a fruitful life and even though she was taken away much too early I am proud that I was able to be around all those years with her.


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