Well, the class of ’64 has done it again. We had a great turnout and, with the exception of Porky, everyone appeared to have a good time. Thanks to all who made the trip and to those who helped out. I’ll be posting a few pictures soon – if you have some to contribute, go ahead and email them to me.  Dave       Pictures are on the “Picnic” page.



Our 70th birthday bash is coming up on the 26th at the Fish Hatchery Park in Delafield.  We need to have a final count for the caterers, so if you haven’t sent in your reservation yet – time to do so!  The entertainment is going to be The Rolling Stones – if we have enough attendees we’ll be able to get The Beach Boys also!  :>)

In Memoriam Update

We have some sad news to pass along. We have been notified of four classmates who have passed away since the reunion: Nancy Voelker-Vogt, Sharon Daley Roller Parchim, Christine Kandler-Bartell and Diane Bishop.

October 2015 Update

We’ve added some new stuff – pictures of the Delafield Fish Hatchery, which will be the site of our picnic, and pictures of the new Veterans Memorial Park. You’ll find these on a new page called…”New Stuff”.

August 2015 Update

Happy Birthday to us!
It sure doesn’t seem possible, but we’ll turn 70 next year.  That’s a real milestone and we need to celebrate it!
So in true OHS Class of ’64 fashion, we’re throwing ourselves a birthday party on Sunday, June 26, 2016 at the historic Delafield Fish Hatchery.  Don’t worry – the fish have all swum away and the menu will not feature sushi.  Instead, we’re planning a casual, relaxed and affordable barbecue along with the chance to reconnect with fellow classmates once again.
More details will follow in the coming months, but for now mark your calendars for June 26th.
The Class of ’64 Reunion Committee

October 20th

The remaining photos have been added to the Dinner1 page.  The web site will stay up for a couple years, but there will not be much more activity.  There is an official freeze on the In Memoriam page, so none of you guys and gals are allowed to check out.

Stay healthy – see you next time!

October 19th

New page Dinner2 added with pictures from the photographers.  Will be adding names to the group photos.  Photos from Bonnie’s niece will soon be added to page Dinner1.

October 7th

I’ve started a Photo Gallery on a new page called Dinner1. Only a handful of photos now (several from Bob Neuman), but more will be added as they come in. The reunion went way too fast!!!

October 5th

I can’t believe it’s already over! Thanks to all who attended, and especially those who participated in the activities. You made it even more fun. Thanks to the committee for all their work. Thanks to my lovely wife April, for putting up with me while I spent so much time on this. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did! Hugs and kisses to all my HS girl friends (Mary and Jan!).

We’ll be posting photos on new pages as they come in from the photographers. If you have some good photos you would like posted, email them to me (small quantity please). We’ll also be putting them on a CD to send out to you.

Thanks!!! Dave

Reunion Dinner from David Linscott on Vimeo.

P1000107 from David Linscott on Vimeo.

Perfect Day For Golf!

Perfect Day For Golf!

October 3rd News

The reunion is underway and classmates are slipping into reunification mode. It’s a wonderful thing!

LATEST BULLETIN — Fran Shuter is now expected to attend!

NEW VIDEO — See John Pence in “Biology Bedlam”.